Your skin will smell like roses in 2 days


"The talk of the town" Straight from the beauty capital of the world Seoul - Korea

Made using 100% natural damask roses, sakura flower powder, safflower, and evening primrose.
Each bottle of DRBB contains the equivalent fragrance of 3500 roses. 
The damask rose is regarded as the highest quality of all roses.

Damask Rose Beauty Body

BRBB is formulated by a special combination of rare natural ingredients. Once the formulation is absorbed into the body, your sweat glands will absorb the ingredients, dispelling a new refreshed rose body odor, creating the body’s scent from head to toe and even in the breath.
Truly beautifying the skin from within, supporting glowing skin, and even helping to eliminate those pesky ages revealing lines around your eyes.

Health Benefits


Rose oil is one of the mildest astringents that can be used on delicate skin. It gently removes excess oil and tightens the pores on the skin, giving a more even tone.

Quercetin and kaemferol in rose oil have been suggested to contribute substantially to the analgesic property. Combined with the anti-inflammatory action, rose oil is useful in the treatment of skin acne.

Farnesol in rose oil eases the pressure on damaged capillaries, allowing them to heal faster. Rosacea is another condition that benefits from the use of rose oil.

High free radical production in skin due to exposure to the sun and pollutants in the atmosphere causes premature aging of the skin. This is because free radicals are instrumental in the peroxidation of lipids, damage of cell membranes, and consequently breakdown of tissue. Rose oil also shows a high free radical scavenging property, which decreases the rate of tissue damage by free radicals.

Rose oil has a mild emollient action that retains moisture in the skin. This keeps the skin supple and delays the formation of wrinkles.

The oil is effective against a wide spectrum of both Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria including coli and S.aureus. It is also useful against the yeast Candida albicans which causes skin infections such as oral thrush and athlete’s foot and vaginal infections.

Rose oil enhances wound healing by speeding up the formation of scar tissue. The citral in rose oil promotes the formation of vitamin A which helps to regenerate the epidermal cells of the skin.

 Rose oil soothes sensitive and inflamed skin, decreasing redness and promoting the repair of irritated and damaged skin.

Besides skincare, rose oil has also been used to relieve menstrual problems and to treat neurological conditions such as dementia. Its anti-convulsant action, tonic action on cardiovascular health, and ability to ease respiratory discomfort have also been documented.

Health Benefits

  • For maintenance:

    Take one (1) soft gel daily before a meal

  • For best results:

    take two (2) soft gels daily before a meal

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