She Hot

Lose 1kg in 3 Days

She Hot

"The Slimming Master"

She Hot is a slimming product formulated with a combination of all-natural slimming ingredients.Guarana supports both the digestive and cardiovascular systems. In addition, it increases vitality and aids concentration in learning and memory.Both apple cider vinegar and Guarana are rich in antioxidants that promote skin health.By boosting metabolism, apple cider vinegar supports in weight loss.


To access individual tolerance, for the first 3 days, start with two (2) softgels taken with 300cc glass of water twice (2) daily, approximately 30 minutes before your main meals.  For days 4 and beyond, you can take up to (3) softgels per serving.

Do not exceed three (3) softgels in a 4 hours period and/or six (6) softgels in a 24-hour period.  Take consistently to see results.

For Best Result:

For best results, use SheHot!TM for 30 days in conjunction with a calorie reduce diet and regular exercise program.  For “faster result” weight reducing results, use SheHot!TM everyday, together with KLAB Smoothie and/or KLAB TeaTox. The results are truly amazing!

Day 1 - 3

Take two (2) Softgels twice (2x) daily

Day 4 onwards

Take three (3) softgels twice (2x) daily.